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OOTD: Faux Leather Pants for Work

I pulled off these faux leather pants for work by pairing them with classic layers. A couple pieces everyone needs in their closet lately: a denim button down & a quarter zip sweater, along with a pair of flat mules. I, of course, found the first two items at the Goodwill outlet.

Walmart faux leather pants (retail) | Denim button down similar (bins) | 1/4 zip sweater similar (bins) |
Knock-off Gucci mules similar similar

I already had one very bleached oversized denim button down but when I saw this one in a more medium wash I grabbed it (similar). It’s a little more shaped while still being comfortable. I recommend stocking up on denim shirts when you see them at the thrift, as long as they fit & you like them. They have been classics for quite some time now. It never hurts to have options for layering.

The quarter zip is comfy but has a hole in the shoulder that I actually solved by just safety pinning it lol. No one is the wiser. (Except you are, because I just told you.) Once this type of sweater was determined to be “in” lately, I started to see them everywhere! That’s the beauty of secondhand shopping – you can usually find iterations of the latest trends, you just have to be aware of what you are looking for & you’ll start to see it more. I jokingly say that I “manifest” things at the bins but I think it’s just the Frequency Illusion, lol.

These faux leather pants (also worn here) are the ones that I finally bought a few months ago from Walmart. I’ve worn them a few times & they are in perfect condition still.

The mules are knock-off Gucci (similar, similar) that I am in love with. The little kitty faces are just fabulous! You can find the real thing all over re-sale sites like Mercari & Poshmark.

Faux leather pants for work

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