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Long Weekend in PA – Outfits

We went to Pennsylvania for a long weekend for my husband’s birthday & spent time with his youngest. It was a really nice weekend: we did some thrifting, hung out with husband’s high school friends and his dad & step-mom, had numerous delicious dinners and even got to see a Phillies game! For my first time in PA, it was a great visit.

As a follow-up to my “packing for a long” weekend post, below are some of the outfits I wore while we were there:

Gibson linen tank – thrifted | John Galt sweater – thrifted | Athleta pants – retail clearance, with gift card | Nike sneakers – retail | Larry Levine trench – thrifted

My travel outfit consisted of light layers & stretchy pants plus my tried & true comfiest sneakers. It was perfect for the plane flight & the drive once we got there.

Same outfit, just with the trench coat & crossbody bag on
Our matching luggage – how cute are we lol?

The hardside carry-on suitcases are by Amazon Basics. We have had & used the blue one forever. Last time we traveled I blew out my little fabric one so we replaced it this trip with the orange hardside. Also, husband bought us these travel backpacks for this trip & they have replaced my tote bag system. All my clothes, shoes, underthings went into my carry-on & all electronics & toiletries went into the backpack.

No checked bags! And so convenient how they slide over the carry-on handles!

The night we got there we joined his high school friends at one of their homes for a mini high school reunion. It was a great night of shared memories & delicious food. It was cool to meet friends I hadn’t met before & see ones again that I have.

Buffalo David Bitton hoodie – thrifted | Levi’s cherry print tank – thrifted | Walmart Time & Tru white jeans – retail | Cliffs wedge sandals – TJMaxx (or Marshall’s)
Second “lewk” of the night. This hoodie became a favorite on this trip. It’s lightweight but still cozy.
Wearing what I wore thrifting & to do touristy stuff. Larry Levine trench coat | Walmart jeans | Aeropostale tee | John Galt sweater | Nike Air sneakers

Of course, we squeezed in some thrifting – step-son loves it which delights me! I nabbed a lot of things for myself & for the Poshmark closet. One of my favorites is this Topshop forest green leather jacket. So so good! Couldn’t beat it at $15!!!

I am still so chuffed about this find! Some options below if you want to find your own!
What I wore to the Phillies game: Walmart jeans | Rose Apothecary tee | Buffalo David Bitton hoodie | Larry Levine trench | Amazon crossbody bag | Madden Girl white sneakers | Notre Dame cap
After dinner at Gamarjoba, a Georgian restaurant. I wore the same outfit that I wore to the game, but switched to the Valentino bag.

And that, my friends, is it! Overall, I loved the trip & had as great a time as you can have over 3 days!

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