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Weekend Walmart Haul



Warning: incoming Walmart haul! I went to Walmart this weekend to find some better fitting bras for my quickly shrinking body. I am down 70 lbs. since I started my latest weight loss journey & the girls are not looking their best! So I told myself I would see what I could find at Walmart since I don’t want to spend too much $$ till I know what my stabilized weight will be.

Walmart Haul – What I Bought

I tried on a bunch of styles & sizes to find that the No Boundaries underwire T-shirt bra fit best. My old size was a 38H. The new size is 36DDD. When I checked out I found that they were only $4.98! Don’t sleep on these. They come in black, white, beige & grey. I was lucky enough to find my size in the black & the grey. So, the bra shopping was successful!

While I was there I picked up a couple Joyspun sleep bras, since most of mine are too big now. The Joyspun line is so cute! It’s seamless & has lots of cute colors & different cuts of underwear, along with lots of bra styles. I got the blush and the brown pictured above for myself.

Lastly, I suckered myself into buying these Avia yoga cargo leggings in Purple Beach, despite having SEVERAL pair of leggings already. (Rolls eyes at myself.) I liked that they were a little looser than your standard leggings. The cargo pockets aren’t super obvious & sit pretty flat against the leg. Also, the waist is high which is key when doing yoga. You definitely don’t want them skooching down when you’re downward dogging it! Edit: I wore them to yoga last night & they worked beautifully. They stayed put & there wasn’t constant adjustment like with a lot of leggings.

If you’re looking for some underwire bras, sleep bras or some wild card leggings, I hope this helps you out!

Walmart haul

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