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Amazon Reviews – January 2023 Purchases









These are Amazon reviews of the purchases I made in January 2023. Hopefully they help with some of your little problems!

1. Vionic Sneakers

Vionic shoes are one of my go-to brands since I have always had tendon/arch issues. These ones are lightly orthotic. They have just enough support for walking, are lightweight, as well as are totally cute!

2. Elf Multi Stick

I have this stick in the Glistening Peach color & wear the crap out of it. I ordered this to have a different color option. It is quite a bit darker so it does take a lighter hand (for me, whose skin is basically transparent). I do highly recommend the Glistening Peach for us pale girls BTW – it’s pretty much foolproof & looks great with little effort.

3. Slushie Maker Cup

This weird freezable cup is pretty darn neat. You pull it out of the freezer, pour some liquid in & squeeze it a bunch. It turns any liquid into a slushy! So far I’ve tried cherry flavored protein water & it did make it more fun to eat haha. Next up to try is Diet Coke!

4. Henna Eyebrow Dye

I haven’t used this yet so I will have to revisit & give a quick review once I do. I plan to use it just after I get a brow wax so my brows are well groomed & not out of control like they are now lol. I’m hoping this is a good answer to my transparent eyebrows so I won’t have to pencil them in everyday, but honestly, even professional dye jobs don’t last more than a few days for me. This henna dye kit is my last ditch effort before I give up for good & save up for micro blading.

5. Tissue Box Dispenser Cover

I am using this sleek little guy to store our dryer sheets on a tray on the dryer. I really think it makes the laundry room feel a little more decorated & organized.

6. Track Ball Mouse

This is a replacement for my trusty old Logitech track ball mouse. I got a new style because it was cheaper than the one I have been using for years (and used to have multiples of). This new one works great though! It’s so smooth it was almost hard to handle at first. I have adjusted & highly recommend if you’re looking for an alternative to a regular old wrist breaker mouse.

7. Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gel

I have this cleaning product on subscription because it is amazing. You stamp a dot of it in your bowl after cleaning & it freshens up the inside of the toilet every time you flush. I absolutely love the smell it gives off.

8. Essie Chiffon the Move Gel Polish

I am constantly on the hunt for new Essie gel nail polish colors. They hold up great compared to others & are easy to do at home. You just need the special top coat & there is no bottom coat to mess with. It’s white with a pink shimmer. I put on two coats & they look similar to the glazed donut nails that were popular recently. A third coat would have made them more opaque. I am enamored!

Amazon Reviews
Amazon Reviews

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