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OOTD – Grunge Inspired Outfit

This grunge inspired outfit is so similar to what I wore the first day of Junior year of high school but, of course, it’s still so different, as is any trend inspired by the past. That day, I got in trouble for the half shirt & had to zip up the plaid to cover my youthful stomach. Scandalous!


That outfit from junior year consisted of a cream & burgundy zip-up plaid shirt (they weren’t called shackets then, just “plaids” or “flannels”) from Kmart, jeans from my job at the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet (possibly the best fitting jeans I have ever had, sigh), a gorgeous long sleeve, ribbed, v-neck, oatmeal colored cropped sweater also from RL and faux Doc Martens (pretty sure I got those at Meijer).


The differences from today’s outfit are just in silhouette & colors. The jeans today are a little slimmer & my plaid shirt is much softer than anything found in the 90’s. I swapped out faux Docs for faux Birks (another shoe that was super popular when I was in high school. It was the epitome of grunge girl fashion to wear them with socks.)

Lucky Brand plaid button down similar similar (retail) | unknown brand crop sweater similar similar (bins) |
NYDJ jeans exact pair size 16 (bins) | Cushionaire clogs (Amazon) also worn here

I wanted to wear this cropped tank sweater I found at the bins, so I wore it to work with the shirt partially buttoned, to cover my stomach. The whole outfit was a no-brainer. It’s just comfortable items that felt right together. It definitely gave me nostalgia for the 90’s when I had fewer responsibilities & most of my budget was dedicated to looking cute & doing fun things with friends. I paid my car insurance & gas but other than that my paycheck was expendable. Too bad life couldn’t continue like that lol. Now it’s just bills, bills, bills it seems haha.

Grunge Inspired Outfit

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