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Amazon Reviews – February 2023 Purchases

These are Amazon reviews of the purchases I made in February 2023. Hopefully they help with some of your little problems!







1. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Wide Calf Knee High Riding Boots

These fit my wide calves! I have worn them twice & they are comfortable. I love the quilting on the back of the shaft, as well as the buckles that toughen them up. The price is right – currently they are $47.

2. Button Pins for Jeans

I found a pair of velvet pants at the bins & only when I got them home did I realize they didn’t have a button. I found these little baddies on Amazon. So simple! The have a pin on the back – you just poke them through & pop on the back & you’re good to go! I don’t know how many times in the past I could have used these if I had known they existed!

3. DELIMIRA Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Lace Bra

I haven’t even gotten this one yet & I will give it a review if it’s really good. I am waiting patiently & it should be here soon. The last bras I got from Walmart are good but the cups are a little too small at the moment so I need to branch out & find something that fits me perfectly right now. I’m hoping this will work. It’s on Prime Try Before You Buy so I can return it without paying if it doesn’t. We shall see…

4. Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat

This is a life saver. Usually it’s late by the time I am able to sit down & do any pampering. I don’t wake up with crinkles on my nails from my sheets anymore! And smudges are much much less likely to happen with this dry time shortener. I love this!

5. TOFIIGREM Black Velvet Hanger Clips (60-Pack)

We have been needing these for our reselling photography. We never had enough since I only had the ones that came with my hangers initially. We can’t put pants on the mannequin because of the pole it stands on so pants have to be hung. These will make the photography process so much smoother since we won’t have to be trading off pants between the few hangers with clips lol. These fit on my velvet Joy hangers I purchased at Target as well as the Amazon ones I ordered later. I assume they would fit any velvet hangers though. And they hold the garments snugly, honestly better than the plastic clips that came with the Joy hangers.

6. Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat

This is my tried & true base/top coat that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg. I’ve been using it for years. I still use it as a base coat even though I found the quick dry one above.

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