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OOTD – Poet Shirt or Peasant Top?

Back in the 90’s I think we called any big, blousy top a poet shirt. Especially if it had ruffles at the neck or wrists. Anyone remember? Today, I guess they would be considered a peasant top. Although a true peasant top is usually a popover style in floral & very cottage-core. Anyway, this could be considered either, I suppose. I found it at the bins & it was clearly brand new. I love that it’s a light color which I normally don’t lean toward – but it brightens my closet up a bit. It is a floral, but more of an abstract version which is definitely more me, at the moment.

Aside: Musings on Plus Size Clothing

Before I lost a lot of weight I wore the shit out of some peasant tops. But I think it’s because there is, even still, a limited selection for plus size clothing. A lot of options seem to consist of bright colors & infantilizing silhouettes. Like they just can’t conceive of heavier women being, well, women, with actual bodies who don’t want to hide that body under giant t-shirts (with cut out shoulders), trapeze dresses & flowy tops. I think that’s why I am leaning toward neutrals so much more now that I am in a lower size range. I got sick of constantly being in bright florals. Shrug.

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Back to the Outfit at Hand

I found the cardi coat on an online sale at The Rack & couldn’t pass it up. It was the beginning of fall & I was seeing all the bloggers in their coatigans & I pulled the trigger on it. There are a few on resale sites if you want to Google on it. I’m sure I’ll be posting this one for sale soon, since it was already a bit too big when I got it.

The pants are Chico’s with some shaping action. They were also a bins find. They would be the perfect pant except the inner waist band isn’t being held down anymore – the stitching gave out or something. So I have to be careful to tuck the “shaping” part down flat. I think I’m passing them on because of that. It’s a little too annoying. And there’s no way to sew it down without showing the stitching on the outside of the waistband. But they really are a nice, high waisted, flattering pant, so that’s a bit disappointing

Lastly, I am in my Earthies suede wedge booties yet again (worn here). They honestly go with everything! I linked to a similar pair on Amazon. Luckily, there seem to be many other versions online.

Poet Shirt

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