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Tennessee Trip – Part 1 – Nashville

I am finally finding time to write a post about our Tennessee trip!


I flew in on Saturday to join my husband & his son for the hockey tournament. We went to hockey games every day but also fit in some other fun.

Our hotel was right next to Vanderbilt University & we could see Centennial Park & the famed Parthenon replica from our balcony!

The Parthenon, seen from our hotel balcony

Saturday night we went to Dick’s Last Resort – my stepson has been wanting to go for a while & as luck would have it there is one in Nashville. It was more fun than I expected it to be. Our waitress was amazing! I really wanted to take her out for coffee & ask her what it’s like getting to be rude to people all night for a job lol.

My husband, at Dick’s Last Resort


On Sunday we met up with an old friend of mine from high school that lives in Nashville now. We were able to meet his kids & had lunch with he & his wife at their home. Afterwards he & his son met us at the Parthenon for a stroll around Centennial Park.

Me & my friend Ryan
The Parthenon

Sunday night we went to dinner at Anatolia Turkish Restaurant. It was really good. Once our food arrived I was too excited to eat & forgot to take a picture of any of it, so here is a pic of bread lol.

Pre-dinner bread


On Monday we saw the kiddo off to fly back to his mom’s & we spent the morning at the Country Music Hall of Fame. There was some pretty neat stuff to see. I took pics mostly of the fashion because that is what I was most into.

Taylor Swift dress & guitar
Taylor Swift dress & guitar
Chris Stapleton’s wife wore this dress
Jeannie C. Riley outfit
Classic Shania Twain outfit from the That Don’t Impress Me Much video

They even had the cornfield from Hee Haw lol, a show my parents used to watch when I was young.

Hee Haw cornfield

They also had a few iconic cars, like Elvis’s limo (with a tv in the back). It was a great mix of things from pop culture that anyone could appreciate, even if you’re not a big country fan.

Elvis’ gold plated Cadillac
Elvis’ gold plated Cadillac
Elvis’ gold plated Cadillac
Nudie Mobile
Nudie Mobile
Bandit from Smoky & the Bandit
Bandit from Smoky & the Bandit

I grew up with country music – my dad would play guitar & my mom would sing Johnny Cash songs from his hand written music & lyrics. Later I moved their record player to my room & would listen to Dolly Parton, Jeannie C Riley, BJ Thomas, Jim Croce, Kenny Rogers and many others from their record collection.

On our way back to our car we passed the Coach of the Calgary Flames, Daryl Sutter. My husband said “Hi, Coach” and he said “Hi” back. Celebrity sighting!

After that we grabbed some Jack’s Bar-B-Que (rull good you guys!) and headed to Chattanooga for the second leg of our trip. Stay tuned for part 2…

What I wore on the trip is in this post if you are interested.)

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