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Finally Found: The Perfect Plaid Shacket

Found: Perfect Plaid Shacket
Night out outfit: Structure Exhibition Gear plaid shacket (similar | similar), Soft Surroundings jeans (similar) & Soft Surroundings velvet top (similar) (all from bins), Marc Jacobs purse (similar) (ThredUp), Dr. Martins boots (Amazon)

Plaid Shacket Hesitation

I have held off on the plaid shacket trend for a good long time now. Firstly, because I thought they were kind of ugly to start with haha. Another thing that made me hesitate is that I live in Florida & didn’t think I’d use it enough to justify paying a lot. Thirdly, the fact that it’s a trend & I didn’t know how long it would take to look dated made me drag my feet. Of course, seeing all my favorite bloggers making them look super cute helped break me. The more I saw them, the more they grew on me. I decided I wanted one but I wanted the perfect one!


I tried out a couple that came into my hands. One was a Goodwill bins find that was fleece in bright coral, purple & white. I liked it a lot but I decided to list it in my Poshmark closet since I didn’t think I’d get as much use out of it as I would a more neutral one. I also bought another one from Bealls Outlet & almost immediately returned it. While it was neutral (in cream & grey) it was rather lightweight & really just felt cheap.

Perfect Plaid Shacket Goes Out for Drinks
Out for dinner & drinks in my cozy shacket

Plaid Shacket Acquisition

I finally landed this perfect one at the bins. It smelled funky (majorly musty) but my husband gave it an ionizer treatment & it’s good as new. (Side note: the ionizer treatment gives off another smell that bugs me but if I leave ionized items air out they are good as new. This is now smell-less.) I am hopeful the trend continues or, nay, even becomes a classic. I’m loving this piece & want to wear it a lot more!


First wear was to work one day when it was “colder”. Brrr, winter in Florida lol. We do get like 2-3 weeks in the winter that can be pretty chilly so it was great for a work day when my office was pretty darn cold.

Calvin Klein cowl neck sweater & shacket – (similar) (bins), Dahlia pants (retail – so old), Dr. Martins boots (Amazon)

Second wear was out for dinner during the holiday over a velvet V-neck top & jeans with Dr. Martins. The shacket matches my Marc Jacobs crossbody bag perfectly.

I noticed when I was in Walmart the other day that they have a couple nice looking neutral choices out at good price points. They are ranging from $17 – $30 on the site at the moment. Grey Shacket | Beige Shacket

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