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Best Amazon Purchases – December 2022

















These are the December 2022 Amazon purchases I found most useful this month. Hopefully they help with some of your little problems!

1. Apple Watch Elastic Wristband

This isn’t glamorous but I bought it because I cannot stand anything to loose or tight or solid on my wrist. This band is fully adjustable & does not annoy me. And that is what is important to me.

2. Bra or Camisole Hanger

This has simplified where to keep all the camisoles I have been collecting to wear to yoga. I also have a couple of sport bras I have been wearing that will go on this contraption too. That way I don’t have to decide if they live with underthings, workout wear, tops, etc…

3. Bluetooth Sleep Mask/Wireless Headphones

Great for blocking out noise & light if you need music or podcasts to lull you to sleep. They also came with earplugs, which, yeah idk why.

4. Loreal Elvive Wonder Water

Could tell the difference immediately. This made my hair so much smoother & softer. When you put it on there’s a heating situation which is kind of neat too?

5. Tote Bag Organizer Insert

I ordered this for my Dooney & Bourke tote but I overshot & this was way to big. It does fit in my giant silver neoprene tote from Steve Madden though! So I’m keeping it.

6. Mini Belt Bag

I ordered this Lululemon-alike for traveling. I like the idea of having all the important things for flights strapped right to my chest.

7. Compression Packing Cubes

Also for travel. These really piqued my interest as I didn’t know there were compression ones! Let’s see how much I can fit in a carry-on with these bad boys!

8. Insulated Lunch Box Bag

I bought this because I take lots of snacks to work with me & this is a perfect size & shape to fit in the Dooney & Bourke tote that I haul to work. And I still have room to throw my purse in on top.

9. Luggage Strap

I can’t wait to travel hands free! I’m trying out using a tote bag instead of a backpack next trip & this will be key to not have to heft the tote on my shoulder all through the airport.

10. No Show Socks

I got these since they come up a little higher so they don’t slip down like some of the lower cuts do. But they are still almost nylon thin so work in my smallest shoes.

11. Cushionaire Clogs

Got these as a dupe for the Birkenstock Boston clog. I will say the arch support isn’t as pronounced as Birkenstocks but these will still do just fine. They are very comfortable & cushy while giving me the look I want for less.

12. Tote Organizer

Take 2! This one DOES fit my D&B tote!

13. Adidas Samba Classic Men’s

These were a gift for my husband & he loves them. I think they’re great & they were affordable as hell!

14. L’Oréal Ever Pure Purple Shampoo

I wanted to bring out my greys & make them pop a little more. I’m pretty sure this brightened all my hair just a little by crushing out the warmer tones.

15. Elf Eyebrow Pencil

This is my tried & true eyebrow pencil. I have tried so many different pencils & creams. This is what I keep coming back to.

16. Passport & Vaccine Card Holder

I have been wanting to protect my vaccine card since it’s been floating around in either a purse or my box of wallets just getting really dog eared. So this is perfect to help stop that plus my passport can live in it too. Double score!

Amazon Purchases - December 2022

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