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Halloween Books to Read: Monsters

Purchase Horror Show

About a low-brow filmmaker, a horror movie hostess and a reporter trying to get the story.  Also a  Satanist.  And corpses & dried up old actors.  So so many entertaining items in one story.

Monster: Demon

Purchase Loch Ness Revenge

A sister & brother duo who are out for revenge against the Loch Ness monster because it brutally killed their mom & dad! Lots of fire power in the water. And cow corpses for bait.

Monster: Nessie

Purchase The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

Off shoot of the Twilight series.  Basically a side story that Stephenie Meyer fleshed out about one of the young vampires that was turned to be part of Victoria’s army.

Monster: Vampire

Purchase Grave Minder

Girl finds out she was made to tend the dead. Boy (who loves her) finds out he is meant to be her support in her role. Trips to the underworld ensue.

Monsters: Devil, Death

Purchase John Dies at the End

Mind-bending book about a new drug, from David Wong, who writes for Cracked (one of my favorite websites). There is also a John Dies at the End in movie form. Make sure to check that one out as well.

Monster: Meat Monster & other various weird shit

Purchase This Book is Full of Spiders

Sequel to John Dies at the End. We’ve got another Armageddon on our hands & two hapless heroes to save us.

Monster: All sorts of fucked up shit.

Purchase Undead and Undermined

[If you have any interest in this series I recommend starting at the beginning: Undead and Unwed, the one that started it all. It is the funniest & most absurd series based around all sorts of unnatural beings.  I highly recommend.]

This is the one where Betsy returns from time-traveling with her half sister (who is actual demon spawn) to find out events have changed. She has to cope with the changes & heads back to hell as well.

Monsters: Numerous – Vampire, Fiend, Antichrist, etc…

Purchase Undead and Unstable

Betsey’s bestie commits suicide only to be found lurking in the attic after becoming a Zombie. Betsy is also dealing with a couple uninvited guests at the moment.

Monsters: Numerous – Vampire, Fiend, Antichrist, Actual Satan, Zombie, etc…

Purchase Undead and Unsure

The Devil is dead, it’s Betsy’s fault & the Devil’s daughter is not happy about it. Attends Thanksgiving dinner anyway. Also Betsy’s best friend is having a super weird pregnancy.

Monsters: Numerous – Vampire, Fiend, Antichrist, Zombie, Baby, etc…

Purchases Undead and Underwater

This is the one where Betsy meets Fred the mermaid. Hi-jinks ensue. Etc… Fred is one cranky mermaid.

Monsters: Numerous – Vampire, Fiend, Antichrist, Zombie, Mermaid, etc…

Purchase Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

A mash-up novel that stars Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter. I think that’s all that needs to be said.  Watch the movie version of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter here.

Monsters: Vampire, one bad-ass President

Purchase Bite Me

Christopher Moore’s works are a world onto themselves. This one is a third about the vampires.  He kicked it off in Bloodsucking Fiends, followed by You Suck. The main characters are Tommy and Jody who at the beginning of the series are turned into vampires & have to figure it out from there. As with all of Moore’s books, the characters are many & varied & pulled from all of his other books.  I love that his universe is so intertwined and the hi jinks are never what you’d expect.

Monster: Vampires (but like hilarious ones)

Purchase Fat Vampire

Reginald ends up becoming a vampire before he can attain his perfect physique, poor kid. He has to fight his way through vampire life without the benefit of being an attractive one.

Monsters: Vampire, Body Shamers

Purchase Sundays with Vlad

A non-fiction read about the stories behind vampires. He tracks it down in some weird places too.

Monster: Vampire, specifically Dracula

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