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Halloween Books to Read: Creepy Kids

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Purchase Red Rain

Lea Sutter travels to Cape Le Chat Noir to write about their strange death rituals for her travel blog. Instead, the town is decimated by a hurricane & Lea ends up bringing 12yo orphans Daniel & Samuel home with her & moves them in with her husband, her 2 children & her sister-in-law. Pandemonium ensues. These are not normal children.

Purchase The Fifth Child

Happy couple has 4 children, become wildly happy.  They then have a fifth & things go horribly awry. This one is probably most creepy because it is in the realm of reality. Watch out, potential parents!

Purchase The Turn of the Screw

The classic tale by Henry James. Governess in charge of 2 children becomes aware of ghosts on the property and thinks the children may talk to them as well. I can’t remember exactly what happened at the end but apparently it was left purposely ambiguous by the author.

Purchase We Have Always Lived In the Castle

Shirley Jackson’s writing is always a bit more than a touch creepy.  This one is about a small family that live an isolated existence in their large house & the extensive grounds it sits on. Years earlier most of the family died by poisoning leaving 3 people: Uncle Julian (who survived the poisoning), Constance (the suspected poisoner) and Merricat (the youngest). Events that threaten to disrupt the small unit unfurl & things have to change.

Purchase Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone

The town of Hemmersmoor has secrets & they slowly come out in this disjointed novel, told through several characters thoughts & memories from their childhood on.

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