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Recent Reads – July 2016

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Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades. We Should Get Them.: A Collection Of New Essays – Way funny.  The word “essays” in a title almost always makes me cringe but the reference to DD wipers intrigued me.  This guy is funny. I laughed a lot.


Shopaholic to the Rescue – I will never get enough of Rebecca, Suze & the rest of the gang.  This entry in the series was less laugh out loud funny than the others but I still fully enjoyed it to the end 🙂

Secondhand Souls – Another of my favorite authors is Christopher Moore.  I love his humor as well as the way he weaves most of his stories through each other into his own Moore universe.  I love when I meet a character from another book while I’m reading. I read A Dirty Job (Secondhand Souls is the sequel) quite a while ago so it took a bit to re-acquaint myself with all the characters.  I really really love Wiggly Charly (he’s new).  I sort of want my own, but also don’t because he sounds adorable but also terrifying.

Shopaholic on Honeymoon – A short story to fill in some space between the wedding & the sister.  Not gonna lie, it wasn’t my favorite.  Felt a little trite & like Becky is a brat that gets her way even if it isn’t practical.  So this one fell a bit flat for me. But I also loved how they will be known for their Murano glass goblets & her artistic struggle lol.

Unicorn Being a Jerk – As some of you may know, unicorns are jerks.  If you don’t know the truth this book is for you.

A Terrible Book – This book delivers on its title.  It’s just an all around terrible book, containing many bad writing tropes.  Love the training montage! The whole thing had me cracking up at just how bad it was.


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