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How to Get Your International Driver’s Permit (IDP)

I’m making a HUGE deal about my trip – mainly because it’ll be my first trip overseas & I also keep laughing at myself cuz “You guys, did I tell you I’m going to Europe?”

Anyway, while thinking about the trip (ZOMG!) I decided I want to be able to drive while I’m staying in Germany or if we take a car trip. I want to be able to offer to drive if my bestie gets sick of doing it. So I decided to get an IDP or International Driving Permit (or International Driver’s License). My bf said it was super easy because he had done it years ago when he lived in Italy.  Guess what! He was right!

Here is the AAA website to print out the application & see the definitive list of what you will need. (I live in Florida. Not sure if it’s a different form in other states.)

  • I printed & filled out the application.
  • I went to Walgreens to get passport photos that I needed for it – those were about $14. (If you are getting both a passport & an international driver’s permit you might want to get 2 sets of passport pics when you go.  I wish I had known I would need a second set for this.  Could have saved myself a trip.)
  • Then I went to a triple A (AAA) location with the
    • passport photos
    • my filled out application
    • my current driver’s license &
    • my checkbook.

The process is pretty easy. The application fee was $20. I had my IDP within about 20 minutes.

Quick update: I am so busy wrapping up work this week.  I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel but I’m also expecting fire & brimstone to rain down at any minute.  Just you know, may as well be a little anxious as a precaution. Nothing ever goes according to plan so why would it this week haha?  Anyway, using bf’s daughter’s bedroom as a staging area for packing (she’s gone on vacation) so I’m hoping to have some capsule wardrobe pics to share.  Or packing advice or something.  I’m also getting a bit sick & rundown because OF COURSE THAT’S A THING THAT IS HAPPENING.  Ugh.

This week is for wrapping up work & relaxing nights at home with bf, lunch with a friend on Friday (if nothing explodes).

The weekend equals a haircut, hair color, a cookbook party (Bob’s Burgers!) and hopefully getting a pedicure with my friend M, who will be in town shortly.

Monday will by invoicing (ugh but yay) and then the final wrap up happens Monday/Tuesday. Flying out Wednesday. So nervous. So not looking forward to missing my boyfriend. Putting that out of my mind until I’ve gone though.  No sense getting all sad instead of enjoying time with him before I leave.



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