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How To Pack For 5 Weeks in Europe – My Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been looking forward to this trip a TON for all the normal reasons but also because of the planning & using a somewhat limited capsule wardrobe.  Luckily, home base over here (bestie’s place!) has a washer/dryer.

So, here are my poorly lit photos of what all I have packed.  A few items got nixed at the last minute & a few things got added. I’ll note where that happened – FOR SCIENCE.  (I also cheated a bit because: A – I bought some things on the trip (who doesn’t shop on holiday?) & B – my lovely boyfriend brought me a few things I requested when we met in Edinburgh for a week.) I’m trying to take outfit pics as I go so hopefully I can do a post on what outfits I made from all these pieces once the big trip is over & I go back to my normal anti-climactic life.

What I wore on the flight: RBX light sweatshirt (TJMaxx), capri leggings (Target – old), long t-shirt (Target), Nike AirMax (love these!), iPad with Speck cover with pockets for Passport & plane tickets (Wish I could find this again. Its so good, but it’s getting tired.), Speck phone case with credit card slot.  I also bought a straw fedora from Target last minute & had to keep track of that during travel.  I don’t recommend this.  I wish it was a more packable hat.

Note on travel attire: I was severely wishing I had worn long pants & a hoodie since the cabin for the long flight was freezing.  My ankles & neck were cold so I wasn’t able to sleep much at all.  Trust me – snuggle up in layers that can be peeled off & stowed if needed.



Dresses: Both can be worn dressed up or down, as bathing suits covers AND (bonus) the tube top one can be worn like a longer skirt. I didn’t bring anything truly “dressy” since I don’t anticipate any serious events lol.



Tops: 2 tanks tops, 3 long sleeved t-shirts, one blue lightweight sweater, 5 short sleeve tees.  (I removed the greenish long sleeve top at the last minute, as well as adding a light grey tee & another black tee.)



Jeans: Chaps jeans (TJMaxx), DKNY (TJMaxx), Lane Bryant boyfriend jeans (these are major faves!), Ava & Viv jorts (Target)



Extras for mixin’ it up: Bright orange Ralph Lauren shorts (TJMaxx), dressy shorts (Target), chambray button down (Liz Claiborne, thrifted), Calvin Klein faux suede lightweight moto jacket.



Scarves & sweaters: 2 patterned scarves, a short black bolero sweater (Calvin Klein), lightweight patterned cardigan & a cashmere Magaschoni (probably TJMaxx – it was a major find!)



Workout wear: 2 active tops, 1 pair capris with pockets (all from Walmart) & one pair of capri pants (Target). I removed one pair of the capris with pockets & subbed in a full length pair of yoga pants.  I’m hoping to get back into my workout habit but right now that seems laughable.  I’m not even into my getting up at a reasonable hour habit yet! (Post note: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Post post note: I’ve been blowing my steps away daily here – but as far as actually “working out” – ha!)



Sleepwear: Of course, most of this stuff can be worn in public or at least for workouts.  I ditched the paisley shorts & subbed in another pair of purple ones (WITH pockets).  I also added a second bralet.  I find them to be very comfortable to sleep in.  Anyway: 1 pair sweatpants, 3 pair shorts, 2 loose tank tops, 2 t-shirts, 2 bralets.  All from Target except the dream-catcher tee which is a Ralph Lauren that I snagged on Macy’s clearance and the bralets come from Walmart – they are Just My Size & create a little separation.  Very. Important.



Shoes: DKNY black flats, Earthies wedges (OMG the molded footbed YES!), Birkenstocks (these are basically my slippers) and a pair of grey Chucks. The Nike’s that I wore on the plane are my main sightseeing shoe though.



Just in case we go to a beach or pool: Target tankini top, 2 swim bottoms.  The purple pair is from Walmart & cost me like $4.  Total steal! I want to say the rasberry pair is Victoria Secret from forever ago?



Accessories: Calendar that starts in August so I can track all my steps/exercise! Small Michael Kors cross body bag (similar) I got for a steal on Macy’s clearance, yellow leather backpack (I ended up leaving this at home & taking a Sak pewter leather bag instead.  The straps got damaged when I took it to Paris.  Super bummer since it was one of my faves.) (Post note: I found a cute red cross body Kipling in the TK Maxx here (yep, TK Maxx) to use in place of the pewter bag.)



Travel necessities: Wireless MPOW headphones (although I recommend bringing your own wired headphones for the plane so you don’t have to use their cheapies to watch the movies), luggage tags, travel plug, neck pillow (all TJMaxx), cord wrangler (ancient Target purchase).



What this all went into: A carry-on, a checked bag & a computer backpack.  Got lucky & was able to check the carry-on for free so got to travel light on my layover.






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