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Recent Reads – August 2016

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Think Like a Rich Chick! Stop Working So Hard and Create The Life You Damn Well Want! – This one was kinda simplistic but still very encouraging & while I was reading it I was fired up to work on my new pet project. However circumstances being what they are I’m in a bit of an in-between moment with life, a sort of limbo, if you will.  There is a never ending series by this woman & I suspect each one is very much along the same lines.  I’ll be giving them a go though.  Anything that motivates me to move forward is helpful right now.

Etsy Excellence – Quick & easy read with great tips for setting up an Etsy store.  I was flirting with the idea of opening a store to sell printables (they are a thing & they are on FIRE apparently) but I am now pretty sure (at least THIS minute lol) that I am going a different route, for now at least. I’m about hustled out right now so I need to give myself a break & get off the hamster wheel for a bit.


Bill The Vampire (The Tome of Bill Book 1) – Pretty good – entertaining: action, humor, vampires, nerds – a bunch of my favorite things.  This is the first in a series so I have added the next one to my list.  Many of the Kindle Unlimited books are entire series’ which is nice if you find something you like you can continue into that world.

The Great God Pan – What one EARTH did I just read?!?!  I found this one on a list of scariest books I think. It is truly bizarre.

A Cure For Madness – This was a pretty good one.  It was suspenseful, even if at times I thought, “Why would they do it that way? What are they thinking? Argh!” BUT the last page was what got me.  It took me a minute to “get” what happened.  It was pretty great.

Haterz – This was pretty effin’ great.  I found it to be a bit of a mix between Fight Club & the idea of Anonymous.



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