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Paint Makeover - Target Coffee Table

Paint Makeover – Coffee Table

I’ve had this Target bent ply coffee table forever, it seems like.  It has moved with me from my house in the Estates, to my adorable single girl rental & now to the grown up villa that I share with Andy. Below is right when I moved into the rental.  I didn’t even have a place for the TV, until I decided to use the coffee table for it. You can see in this pic it is a little worse for wear.

Coffee Table DIY - Before

Here it is in our villa – it was used again to support the TV till we bought a Besta console to replace it. (We picked the walnut effect light grey color to contrast with my black-brown office setup. You’ll see it soon!) Then it was back to being a coffee table.

Coffee Table Redo - Before

Andy came up with the idea to paint it with chalkboard paint & we chose the bright orange color to coordinate with my Vertigo poster that hangs in the dining area. Another thing I keep dragging with me everywhere!

Sideboard Dining Room Styling

After doing a bunch of sanding he rolled the chalkboard paint on the top section.  Then set up a paint booth in the garage to prime & paint the bottom.

DIY Paint Booth for Coffee Table Paint Makeover

It came out pretty great! It gives a nice pop of color while giving the kids a place to express themselves with chalk.

DIY Coffee Table Makeover with Chalkboard Paint & Bright Orange

We had a party at our place & the kids christened it for us. I’d be tempted to use it as a cheese board if we ever have a party sans kids & pets haha!  It’s also a great spot to stash the toy box & a cozy blanket.

Chalkboard Paint Coffee Table DIY

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