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Recent Reads – May 2016

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I started numerous books this month only to decide they weren’t worth finishing. Sad face!  I also started a few that were promising but put them off to read library books that I was finally allowed to download. I also picked up some *gasp* physical library books this month that took me away from my Kindle.


In a Dark, Dark Wood – Pretty good.  Definitely kept me at it to find out what was up.  It says it is soon to be a major motion picture so I will look forward to that.  (Although I’m getting sick of any slightly twisty book being called the “next Gone Girl”.  Because I fall for it.  Every. Time.)

Case in point: The Luckiest Girl Alive – Wow! All the cliches: Kept me on the edge of my seat. Couldn’t put it down. Had to find out what happened next. Etc, etc, ad infinitum…

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