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I Bought a Thing You Guys – Art Cart

Thanks to All Things Target I ended up running to my closest Target Friday to see if the Room Essentials carts were marked down there.  Yes.  Yes they were. Just for meeeee! Mine were marked down 30% so I paid about $20 instead of the original $30.

I’ve always wanted this cute aqua IKEA cart so springing for the white copycat at a reduced price was a no-brainer.  What would I do with it you ask?  (I know you didn’t but just play along ok?) Well, when I first saw it on ATT’s blog I immediately thought how perfect it would be to store all the camera equipment I plan on loading up on. Things like clamp lights & white foam core & such.


Once I put it together I realized it could also be home to my art supplies.  See, I’m getting really excited about doing “creative” things again! So, I pulled all my supplies from the garage & sorted through them this weekend. I’m leaning toward watercolors & acrylic now but I might order some oil sticks again someday if I find myself missing that special smell haha. Here is the whole big mess:



The photo below is what it looks like so far.  There is still plenty of space to fill & I’ve been stocking up on some new things for some DIY’s for the blog, so I’ll be sharing something new soon!


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