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Review: DIY henna eyebrow tint

I ordered this DIY henna eyebrow tint back in January since my eyebrows are basically clear. It’s my last ditch effort before I save up money for micro-blading. (I hesitate to spend so much & am worried about getting a bad job on MY FACE lol. But I have seen SO many good ones!)

I do wish I had thought to take a before picture so you could really appreciate the contrast to my natural brows but I forgot, and, spoiler alert: I will be continuing to do this regularly so I may never have a chance to take another naked eyebrow pic for ya!


DIY henna eyebrow tint

Currently this kit is just over $10 & almost everything you need is included in the box. You will also need rubbing alcohol, a brush for application & anything for cleaning up after (and shaping). I used my regular cleaning cloths plus the alcohol for cleaning after plus q-tips for shaping the edges when I went out of the lines.

There is powder that you mix with water to make a dark paste. Then you apply to the eyebrows. Leave for 15 minutes & wash off after that. It just feels like there is water on your eyebrows – it’s not like chemical hair dye at all.


With the tint on

Above is the first application. It’s hilarious – I look like I took a Sharpie my eyebrows here.

Below is after the first application. It wasn’t very dark so I did a second.

After the first application


After the second application

Above is the final product. They darkened just a bit more after they dried. I was very pleased with how they came out as well as how easy the process was. It was like night & day

A week after the initial application

These stayed on easily for 3 weeks total. For 2 weeks they looked really good & then the last week I used an eyebrow pencil to fill in a bit on the outer edges that faded a bit.

Another week later

After Care

I am very careful to not get water or soap on the eyebrows themselves. I use a facial cleaning wipe before I shower & keep my face out of the water. That helps maintain the color.

Sum Up

I will be doing this every 3 weeks. It’s pretty darn easy & doesn’t take too much down time. Not to mention the price! It’s currently around $10 for what is supposed to be 30 applications. For me, it’s a big ole YES to Mina iBrow Henna.

For the pinners:

DIY Henna eyebrow tint

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