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Rehab: Instagram – Part 1 of the Web Identity Audit Series

I am doing a Web Identity Audit on my business. My core philosophy is that every business needs a consistent & compelling web presence as a home base.  They need an attractive & cohesive foundation to build upon before they even start with online, email and traditional marketing.  You must have a hub that gets your main point across and connects with all your other platforms.  This is what I do.  I make beautiful & functional websites.  On top of that anywhere you are representing your business – social media, email newsletters, print marketing – should tie in with your look &  give the same “feel” to your clients.

In part one of the audit series I will be tweaking my Instagram profile.  I’m starting with this one since it’s one of the less intimidating networks.

I recently updated my website & changed the logo pretty much completely.  With this series I will be working through all my social profiles to make sure they coordinate & are being used effectively.  I’ll be making changes to mine as well as sharing any tips I come across that may help you with your business.


I’m realizing that I haven’t been properly leveraging this social platform to the best of my ability.  I have always meant to post photos of ideas in development, teasers of upcoming projects & launches, but now I realize that my feed is mostly used for books I’ve read, manicure shots & outfit pics.  Ugh!  I need to start paying a bit more attention & post something each day that relates to my business, even if it’s just my office friends, human or furry.

How to build the perfect Instagram profile.

Instagram is great for giving clients a sneak peek “behind the scenes” of your business. This list of 10 simple tips on how to use Instagram for business is a great place to start. A few of the ones I plan to utilize:

  • Show your products – I can show final websites on launch day.
  • Show the process of how your products are made – I can show monitor shots while I’m working on projects, maybe tightly cropped shots since I don’t want to give it all away though.
  • Go behind the scenes – Photos of events I attend, meetings I am involved in.
  • Show your office – my office, like myInstagram, is in need of a makeover.  Note to self: maybe an upcoming blog post?
  • Introduce your employees – I don’t have employees but I like the idea of Instagramming office mates hard at work.
  • Share the cuteness – my four legged children!  my cute new bunny eared iphone case!

The Instagram Business blog highlights some of the more outstanding brands using Instagram to promote their businesses.  Click on over there for inspiration.

This shop found a way to actually SELL over Instagram.  Do you have products that this would work for?

What I did:

  • Updated my logo
  • Added to my bio section
  • Took a couple photos to start me off & running


It’s not there yet but it’s looking so much better!  Thinking of pics to promote the business is a fun challenge every day.   Click on over there & see what I think of for today’s pic!

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