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End of Year Biz Recap

The end of the year is the perfect time to review what worked, what didn’t & decide on the changes you want to make in the new year.

I’ve been reviewing a lot lately.  I’ve come up with some simplifications & a few ideas to increase my client’s warm & fuzzy feeling, which is very important, regardless of what service or product you offer.

On the more dollars & cents end of things I came to the conclusion that I need to keep tighter track of my time.  I have been only keeping track of time spent on projects & hourly time.  However, I put a LOT of non-paid time into admin & marketing.  I really want to have a better idea at the end of this coming year as to how much time I spend to make how much money – NOT just how much money per hour I make on paying work.  I decided to try FreshBooks starting on January 1st.  I have a friend that raves about it for invoicing & since they have a time tracker as well it might just be perfect for me.

SillyGrrl has a great post on this.  I really like her “end of year” card idea, rather than sending Christmas cards like everyone else.  I may consider sending New Year’s cards with a personal note next year, instead of the expected holiday card.

Also, this on by Digiday cracked me up.  30 Things Brands Should Stop Doing in 2014.  Don’t be a digital douchebag, you guys!

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