Prepping For the Big Trip To Europe

Here is the update:

I have quit taking any new projects full stop.  I have been referring leads to whoever can help them best.

I am currently winding up a lot of the projects I’ve been working on so that I will have a lighter load as I spend the last few weeks doing things I need to get done before I fly out:

  • getting my International Driving Permit, getting more passport photos to submit with IDP (DONE)
  • returning things that I’ve borrowed (library – DONE, floor sample – ALSO RETURNED)
  • dropping off my pile of old clothes to Goodwill (DONE)
  • calling my credit card/phone companies to let them know I will be overseas
  • making photocopies of my passport in case of loss
  • printing out all the itineraries & airbnb stuff
  • plus packing the PERFECT carry on & whatever else I need to work out beforehand (this may be a future post – I am only slightly obsessed with capsule wardrobes!)

I’ll do my invoicing for July on August 1st & then the rest of that week is travel – flying to Germany & then the following day jetting to Paris (or taking a train actually I believe).  After our return from Paris I believe we have a few days before we fly to Edinburgh where my favorite boyfriend is meeting us for about a week of Scottish fun & sightseeing.  His mom just so happens to be there for the Fringe Festival while we are there so I will get to meet her for the first time (!) as well as attend the Fringe.  After that I hope to get to settle in a bit in Germany to start my 4-day work weeks.  Then more travel – we’re also squeezing in Prague & Amsterdam on different weekends.

I am relying on hosting fees & hourly update work to get me through the month plus that I’m overseas.  I am also working on setting up my Etsy printables shop to make up some of the income I’ll lose by not taking new projects.  I know everyone & their mother is doing this but I’m hoping to have a little bit of an edge – considering my sarcasm & ability to come up with some original witticisms, I’m hopeful I’ll have a unique product to share. I will also be actively seeking new clients who want updates to their current sites when I return from my trip so if you know anyone that needs some help & support for their website I might be your girl!

So that’s the quick sum-up & I just realized it’s coming so much faster now since I waited to publish this post!


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