Curated Links of the Week – 03/15/13

A few links for your consideration:

How to Use Twitter’s New Vine Video App for Marketing – I don’t intend to use this one but thought I would share the link for anyone who might find it useful.  I’m late for the party on this one – it’s been all over the fashion blogs already!

Creating Visual Hierarchies with Typography –  I was really drawn to the examples in this article.  I am finding the need to experiment with text only websites to see if I can make them interesting without photos.  Will probably have to do it as a vanity project in my “spare time”.

be free, lance : lessons learned – Breanna Rose is a new favorite blogger of mine.  In this post she hits on the boundaries we need to set as freelancers (or really anyone in business for themselves!)

Making Things Happen in 2013: Create boundaries – A more in depth article about boundaries from Lara Casey Media, via Breanna Rose

Sometimes Freelancing is Hard – Love that SillyGrrl!

Happy Friday!

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