Curated Links of the Week – 02/01/13

Some highlights from my week of online reading:

The simplest breakdown of social media I’ve seen.

Learn from other big brands social media mistakes.

Charging what you’re worth.  But also on the flipside – paying what the service is worth when you need something.  An interesting article on something we don’t always think about.

Reasons 2013 will be the year to quit your job.  Grim, but true?

How to create professional looking product photos.  An excellent resource for those of you who shoot your own product photos for your e-commerce site.

Facebook sharecropping.  This one caught my attention enough that I subscribed to this site’s blog feed.


What I am:

ReadingThe $100 Startup

WatchingThe Paperboy

SingingThrift Shop by Macklemore

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