Google+ on the Rise

Apparently Google+ is a big deal.  Humph.  Yeah, I didn’t really want a new social networking site to set up/learn/engage on either so I’ve been ignoring it too.  However, according to Copyblogger it is the second largest social network in terms of active users.  Yes, it has surpassed Twitter!

Something in this article that made me take notice was that:

“Google+ isn’t a typical social network. It’s a topical network, organized around content, not who you went to high school with.”

And THAT is important news for content marketers, AKA: any business online.

Here’s another article from Copyblogger that explains “why Google+ may just become more important than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to deciding where to focus your limited time and effort.”

If you, like me, are ready to try it out here are some great content strategies for Google+ along with a handy infographic. (Thanks again to Copyblogger.)

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