A lot of clients ask me:

“How do I get my site ‘Out There’?”

Well, there are lots of ways!

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – making tweaks on & off your site to make it more interesting to search engines
  • Blogging – writing regular articles on your site to establish expertise & give the search engines more to read
  • Social Media – engaging potential & current clients, keeping your name front and center, providing customer service, even being entertaining
  • Email Marketing – building your email list, sending regular newsletters, updates or special offers, keeping in touch

Does this sound super overwhelming?  Usually when I talk to clients about all these options their eyes glaze over. I understand! That’s why I’ve developed the “One Bite at a Time” newsletter – bite-size tips for pumping up your web presence.  These will be small, actionable steps that will build up to a good foundation for your online efforts. I’m hoping you’ll follow along with me – sign up below!


Hello. I am Amy Carriere & I develop websites for small to medium businesses in Naples, Florida & beyond.

I have been a web designer & developer since 2004. I enjoy helping local small to medium businesses create & refine their web presence so that they can be successful at what they do.

I adore being able to use my love of design as well as the technical side of my brain to help others.

In my downtime, I love spending time with my sig oth, his kids and our respective rescue animals. A lot of off time is spent binge watching Netflix, I’m not gonne lie.

How We Work Together

Here’s a rundown of my process so you know what to expect!

  • We talk

    about your project on the phone & I give you an estimate.  If we decide to work together:

  • I write

    the contract.  You sign & return it with your 50% down payment, then…

  • We review

    your marketing materials & talk about what you want your site to look like.

  • I create

    a mockup design (usually takes a week) then send to you, based on our meeting.

  • You review

    the mockup & let me know what changes you would like to see.

  • I make

    any changes & send to you to review.  (This can happen up to 3 times.)

  • You sign off

    on the design once you are happy with it so we can move forward.  Graphics are harder to change from this point forward so you want to be sure!

  • You gather

    your content & get to me while I am creating the site, building the pages & adding content and any special functionality.

  • You review

    the site, approve & we launch!

  • Then

    we high-five!

  • *Typical sites take 4-6 weeks.

    50% is required as down-payment with 50% on delivery.

Ready to talk about your project?