About Me

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Hi, my name is Amy Carriere & I have been a web designer & developer since 2004.  I enjoy helping local small to medium businesses create & refine their web presence so that they can be successful at what they do.  I can take you from A to Z, helping you decide on a web plan, building or re-designing your website, customizing & connecting to your social media profiles and creating & coordinating your newsletter. I also work well in a team if you would like to bring me on board to work with your current social or marketing expert.

I love being able to use my love of design as well as the technical side of my brain to help others.  Learning new things in my field nearly every day is just the icing on the cake.

Personal Life

My husband & I moved to Naples, Florida in 1997.  We live with our 6 four-legged children – 3 cats & 3 dogs.  We enjoy relaxing with our little family & watching movies at  home or spending time out enjoying Naples & all it offers – the fine dining, the shopping, and all the outdoor activities that are on offer.

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  • Absolutely great job. Appreciate all your work and expertise, you are the best.

  • We have had a hard time finding a designer that was able to understand our vision and needs for our website. Amy Carriere understood exactly what we were looking for within minutes. She has a very proactive and consultative approach when dealing with her clients and made the transition process a breeze. Amy was able to give us the professional image we wanted, but still kept the website unique and fresh. Anyone who is considering a a web designer need to search no further.

  • Amy Carriere Design has been an integral partner to IntegrityNETworx for going on a decade now. She handles tight deadlines and multiple projects effortlessly, and her work is always top notch. I would not attempt to go through the rest of my life without this chick at my beck and call. I’d probably die.

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My Portfolio

Browse through the varied portfolio of design and development work done for my highly valued clients


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How We Work Together

Here’s a rundown of my process so you know what to expect!

We talk about your project on the phone & I give you an estimate.  If we decide to work together:

I write up the contract.  You sign & return it with your 50% down payment, then…

We review your marketing materials & talk about what you want your site to look like.

Based on that meeting, I create a mockup design (usually takes a week) then send to you.

You review the mockup & let me know what changes you would like to see

I make any changes & send to you to review.  (This can happen up to 3 times.)

Once you are happy with the mockup you sign off on the design so we can move forward.  Graphics are harder to change from this point forward so you want to be sure!

You gather your content & get to me while I am creating the site, building the pages & adding content and any special functionality.

When I’m done with that you review the site, approve & we launch the site.

Then we high-five!

*Typical sites take 4-6 weeks.  50% is required as down-payment with 50% on delivery.[/segment][segment class=”action-call”][eight_col]

Ready to talk about your project?

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