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Leather Jacket Trends

So, there are lots of leather jacket trends happening right now. Doesn’t it seem like everything is trendy, all at once? It just feels like nothing is really “out” per se. Which I am loving! But if you want you can dabble in these trends – a lot of them are basics really. I find a lot of the trends secondhand since a lot of them are just classics worn in a new way.

Moto Leather Jackets

I have one from a trip to Germany I took years ago. I scored this leather jacket in a TKMaxx & have hung onto it since. It’s got the sleek look of the moto jackets that have been having a moment. Key to this look is clean lines, stitching details, collarless, single breasted. Can be multi colored or classic black.

Leather Moto Jacket (worn here)

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Bomber Jackets

I snagged this one at the bins & am putting it up for sale shortly since it won’t get much wear in my Florida closet. It has a zip out vest liner which make it quite warm if needed. Also has lots of cool sneaky pockets. Key to this silhouette is the elastic waist. It can have a clean front or pockets. This one skews more classic but some have lambs wool accents – these were big this winter. I think the cleaner, more minimal are what works best for spring. But pull anything you have similar to wear with pleated trousers or long lean skirts!

Leather Bomber Jacket

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Leather Blazers

This one (below) isn’t exactly the style I’m thinking of here but it’s what I have deemed “close enough” since there’s no real reason for me to spend a bunch of money on a leather (or faux leather) blazer. It is minimal & a very 90’s style. If I wear it open with the collar spread it resembles a blazer, so it’s good enough for me. The typical leather blazer you want to look for is literally shaped like a blazer but in leather or faux leather. I think it’s a great style for spring time in most climates. It’s a nice polished finishing piece for most outfits.

Leather Blazer

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Leather Biker Jacket

What I am wearing below is what I consider biker lite. It’s from Calvin Klein & a super soft faux suede with gold hardware. In the 90’s, in high school, I had a badass black leather one that I hung onto for years. Till I wore it to visit the great cold north & a cat peed on it. Had to let it go then. Woof. Anyway, these usually feature an almost double breasted front where they overlap & zip up plus belts & buckles. Often in leather or suede. I consider these classics, always.

Faux Suede Biker Jacket (worn here)

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