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Clothing Care Basics

As a secondhand shopper & a reseller, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get items back to looking (and smelling!) their best & keeping them that way. Below are tips & products that will help you do the same!

1. At Home Dry Cleaning Kit

This is how I freshen up clothes that can’t be washed in the washing machine. It’s as easy as throwing them in the dryer with one of these pads & viola, you’re clothes are fresh & practically new!

2. Fabreze Fabric Refresher

This is how to freshen up clothes that don’t need a full-on dry cleaning. It’s as easy as spraying them lightly with this fabric refresher. It comes in many scents to suit your preference but I like the anti-bacterial version.

3. Ozone Generator Ionizer

This is for when you need to pull out the big guns. If your item smells of smoke or moth balls or any of the numerous offensive odors that can come with secondhand clothing, then put them in a trash bag & run this bad boy. It gets ride of those scents, as long as you don’t do too many at one time. My husband bought this for other things but we found it works on clothing items, including leather & suede.

4. Fabric Shaver / Sweater De-fuzzer

This is the fabric shaver I use to get all my sweaters up to snuff, whether that be to sell or to continue to wear them for a long time. Sweater buzzing is so soothing & a great thing to do while watching a movie on the couch.

5. Clothing Steamer

This is the steamer I started with & still use because it’s just so simple. It’s very handy & is small enough to take on your travels. I eventually upgraded to a full size one but that’s just because I do so much volume when I steam now.

6. Snag Nab-It Snag Fixer

I use this little guy to save sweaters that have snags. I used to use a crochet hook but this one just makes the job so much easier.

7. Hair Straightener

I use a hair straightener for easy ironing of hems, cuffs, fabric belts. I have had mine forever & rarely use it on my actual hair lol. Plus I hate dragging out the whole ironing set up, when this works wonders!

8. Lint Roller

Lint rollers are the most basic o the basic in clothing care. There are easy to keep handy & roll them down any clothes you’re about to wear that has hair, dust or lint. I always keep one near my closet & near my reselling desk.

9. Flocked Hangers & Clips

Flocked hangers are what you want for your closet. They help keep the shape of your clothing, use little space and keep your items from slipping off onto the floor. Purchase clips to coordinate since they are great for holding onto pants, shorts & skirts.

10. Lingerie Laundry Bag + Hanger

Put your delicates into a lingerie bag when washing. This keeps them from getting tangled up or caught on other items. And do not tumble dry – hang dry – try this hanger. The heat in the dryer will stress out the elastic fibers & cause them to lose elasticity much sooner.

11. Easy Button Replacement

I found a pair of really good velvet jeans (worn twice last week) at the thrift & got them home to find that not only did they not have a tag, they also we missing the main button! Instead of finding a button & sewing it on, I just ordered these little guys from Amazon. They are amazing! They just poke through the fabric & then the backside snaps on. And I had perfectly functional pants again!

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