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Amazon Travel Purchases Review

Amazon Travel Purchases Review







This is my Amazon travel purchases review for the items I bought for my latest vacation. Hopefully these reviews help you decide if you need any of these (or not).

1. Mini Belt Bag

This mini bag was great to keep my phone, lip gloss & Kindle handy for the flights. Much easier to have this on than be digging through my bag while in the airport or even while on the plane. My personal item got stashed under the seat for the flight & I didn’t have to get into it at all. Chef’s kiss. (Apparently this is a dupe for the Lululemon belt bag, if you’re into that kind of thing. ;))

2. Compression Packing Cubes

These didn’t work as well as I was anticipating. They do fit a lot & do compress down quite a bit via extra zippers. But they left a lot of spaces in my luggage that was better taken up by rolling my clothes. So I ended up leaving these at home & went with my usual rolling strategy which fit the more things. (Even though I already knew what I was taking it still took me hours to actually get packed because it all had to fit in only a carry-on & a personal item. I packed & unpacked numerous times & ended up ditching a pair of shoes & a pair of pants to get it all in there.)

3. Luggage Strap

This was helpful & kept me mostly hands free. However, the strap is doubled up as far as it can be, so if I had something smaller than my tote to secure, it wouldn’t have worked. See Exhibit A pic below. If you have a larger bag to secure the strap is adjustable to go bigger of course.

4. Cushionaire Clogs

These did a great job of being comfortable & warm enough as a slipper but also working as an outdoor shoe. I wore these a lot because they were easy to slip on & so comfy. They also went with everything I had packed. This pair is a total win.

5. Tote Organizer

This organizer worked a charm! It fit in my tote/personal item & held all of my toiletries, makeup, chargers, snacks, hair stuff, medications, etc… All I did when I got to my destination was pop it out of the tote & set it on the bathroom counter. Everything stayed together right where I needed it. I don’t think I’ll ever travel without this again! (Next time, I will take a slightly larger tote so I will have more space to pack a few pieces of clothing. All this size tote let me pack was gloves & hat, this organizer and my purse on top, so it didn’t alleviate any of my tight carry-on woes.)

6. Elf Eyebrow Pencil

I know this isn’t strictly a “travel” product but I personally don’t travel without it. It’s the perfect color for me plus it has a spooly on the other end, so there is no need to carry an extra eyebrow brush!

Amazon Travel Purchases Review

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