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America: The Cookbook Party

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One of our groups of friends throw monthly Cookbook Parties, usually in the summertime when it’s slower for all of us at work. It’s amazing – once a month, one of our households hosts & everyone brings a dish.  Recipes are based on a chosen theme or all from the same cookbook.

Past ones have been: Martha Stewart recipes, Tasty recipes, recipes from the Lodge cookbook, recipes from Vincent Price’s cookbook, breakfast foods, Greek themed & recipes from the Bob’s Burgers cookbook.

This past one was America: The Cookbook Party, put on by our friends Erin & Mike. I didn’t take a lot of pics of the party itself this time but wanted to share the cake that Mia made.  She worked on it most of Saturday & iced it the morning of the party. It’s so bright & fun! It was also a hit on arrival.  The cake mix is Duncan Hines Classic White (vegan compatible), made vegan by substituting ground flax seeds for the eggs.  The frosting is Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla (vegan) & doesn’t have any animal products in the ingredients. The texture was a little difficult to work with – it was kind of moist & crumbly – so it made the layers pretty hard to control, but it was delicious & everyone loved it.

Oh, I made Party Poppers & a fruit tray. Mia made roasted buffalo chickpeas in addition to the cake.

The party was great & there was a huge turnout.  I love cooking & gathering together & we always meet new friends of friends at every party. It’s neat to spread your wings socially but with people that our friends already know & love. It’s a little less nerve racking that way. I highly recommend! Try it with your friends!

The kids played in the back yard with bubbles for a bit & there was a soccer game on in the background.  There was tons of great conversation as always.  And so, so many yummy foods to try. Would attend again, 12/10.

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