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6 Steps to Creating a Quirky & Beautiful Gallery Wall

How to design & execute a gallery wall:

  1. Find some quirky but useful items on clearance at Target – Exhibit A: fluorescent owl hooks.  Move these around to clutter up different surfaces around the house while you are waiting for inspiration.
  2. Once they make sense for your office wall (for storing bags off of the floor) stumble upon a watercolor silhouette printable tutorial. Determine to make it & give it away on your blog. (Giveaway coming as soon as I get my shit together.) So now you have to buy a frame to display it in.
  3. Go to Home Goods and buy some more stuff for your wall – frames, wall hangings, items with quotes on them.  Is it twee as fuck?  Then, yes, buy it.
  4. Is there a weird space still? Go pull out the mini calendar you bought at Christmas time because it was “funny” and “relevant” and “I like the colors”.
  5. Pester boyfriend till he hangs items. (NO one wants me putting holes in walls.) Reward him by being the best girlfriend ever. Which I always am. OBVIOUSLY.
  6. Attempt to photograph the wall like a pro, using clip on lights and DSLR.  Fail miserably & end up with something that appears to have been attacked by a fog monster.

The details:

The desk is from IKEA – we did a couple big “shops” there within the past year.  I got the Micke double-wide desk with 2 Malm filing cabinets. I ALLLLmost went with the Malm desk for its extra surface area – it was super tempting – but I wanted drawers.

The desktop decor is via DesignLoveFest (get this awesome gold foil one here) – they put out computer desktop freebies every once in a while & I always dig them!


The coral antler picture is a watercolor printable that I made by following this tutorial over at Holly McCaig’s blog. I love her! I will be making this printable available for free to everyone shortly. I did it over at least once when I realized the graphic I originally used wasn’t sharing friendly.  I like this silhouette better anyway!

I found the “for the love all things holy… not another meeting!!!” quote at Home Goods, the mecca of fun design at good prices.  The bright aqua section is canvas which is set in kind of a shadow frame.  Scored that for $20.

While there I found the black frames for a good price AND a pack of frame-able quotes for $5.99. I figure I can swap them out occasionally to suit my mood.

The little purple “meme” card is part of a mini calendar I got from Amazon & tore this one out of.  I like the color with the rest of the pieces plus it’s funny.


Oh yeah, that’s Marge from the Simpsons up there on top of the meeting frustration quote. With a finger puppet monster on her head.  Marge was a tiny gift from my bf brought back after going out to buy Pokemon cards when the kid was into that.  The finger puppet was a little gift from the Fort Myers Derby Girls for when I helped out.  I used to volunteer a lot.  Less so now.  I just want to spend time with my favorite people at home but I still love to come out & support at the bouts. P.S. Those girls are amazing – check them out!



Oh right, the white porcelain deer head is from Target (again).  I got him on clearance right before my move to my rental & so far he has survived.  He’s a little smoky from the kitchen fire but he’ll be easy to paint when I decide to.


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