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So You Have a Website… Now What?

A lot of clients ask me:

“How do I get my site ‘Out There’?”

Or, worse,  sometimes they don’t ask that at all – they just expect their website to just start bringing in the leads, without any more work on their part.  Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work that way. Your online presence is not a “set it & forget it” situation. It is something that needs to be built up & fostered, continually engaged in.  Sound exhausting?  It can be if you try to do everything at once! But don’t feel too overwhelmed – I myself am in the same boat & decided my clients needed some guidance (and a little hand holding) to get to where they feel in control of their website & social media accounts.

Thus the “One Bite at a Time” newsletter was born – a bi-weekly email containing bite-size tips for pumping up your web presence.  These will be small, actionable steps that will build up to a good foundation for your online efforts. I’m hoping you’ll follow along with me – sign up below!

A few things we will cover:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – making tweaks on & off your site to make it more interesting to search engines
  • Blogging – writing regular articles on your site to establish expertise & give the search engines more to read
  • Social Media – engaging potential & current clients, keeping your name front and center, providing customer service, even being entertaining
  • Email Marketing – building your email list, sending regular newsletters, updates or special offers, keeping in touch

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