Recent Reads - January

My boyfriend surprised me with a subscription to Amazon Unlimited for Christmas.  Super thoughtful!  It doesn't give you ALL of the books but there are quite a few I've been wanted to read plus lots of new suggestions.  Between that &…

Efficiency Measures - Part 1

Long story short, last year was a blur for me & I could barely breathe for the majority of it. Some of that was personal stuff but most was dealing with my business suddenly having so many more clients. It was a whirlwind. Anyway,…

Latest Project Round-up

I just realized I have been too busy to update my portfolio for some time. Since I'm spending the slow-down of the holidays tuning up my stuff I thought I would share. (I'm trying to get better about it!) Here are the latest clients I have…

You guys! I did a THING!

Long time no post!  I have been busy. This last year & a half brought: a move to my own place (for the first time ever!) acquiring the accounts of the business I used to work for dating (ugh) finalizing my divorce a big server…

Why Do Responsive Design?

I am almost always pro-responsiveness when I create a website for a client.  Is it extra work?  Yes, yes it is. Is it a pain in the ass to test on all devices?  Absolutely. However, I really do believe it's the right way to design a site…