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TSM Management Inc.

Recently launched: TSM Management Inc, TSM Consulting & Capital LLC & The McMahon Foundation Design brief: This client came to me with three different business he needed sites for.  We ended up combining all three businesses into one website, with different color templates to denote each main section.  He really likes Notre Dame so we took their […]


Give Your Clients The Warm and Fuzzies

I am reading  The Apple Experience right now. I’m only a few pages in & it’s a great book already.  It’s clear that a lot of their success is based on their stellar customer service & how they make their clients feel.  I mean, c’mon, anyone that follows a brand with such religion-like zeal, must […]


Why Do Responsive Design?

I am almost always pro-responsiveness when I create a website for a client.  Is it extra work?  Yes, yes it is. Is it a pain in the ass to test on all devices?  Absolutely. However, I really do believe it’s the right way to design a site right now and for the future. Now, that’s not to […]


Rehab: Pinterest – Part 2 of the Web Identity Audit Series

What I have done to improve my profile on Pinterest: Switched my profile pic to be my logo. Changed my profile name to Amy Carriere Design by putting my full name in the first name field & “design” in the last name field. Make sure that my profile links to my website. Deleted any blank […]


I Found This Just a Little Hilarious

I will admit I’m a bit of a cynic about social media so this article from The Anti-Social Media made me laugh this morning:  How to Optimize for Facebook Paper. Then I was reading my feed reader this afternoon & saw this headline & laughed even harder:  How Should Business Adapt to the Facebook Paper […]


Bringing Your Story to Life – Video that Works for You

So I went to an ESON event earlier this month with a friend to see Guerilla Media’s Matt Dykes talk about using video for marketing. Seeing Hope or Matt speak is always engaging & I learn something new every time. Lesson from this one?  Easy: use video to tell your story. Instead of talking about […]


End of Year Biz Recap

The end of the year is the perfect time to review what worked, what didn’t & decide on the changes you want to make in the new year. I’ve been reviewing a lot lately.  I’ve come up with some simplifications & a few ideas to increase my client’s warm & fuzzy feeling, which is very […]


Rehab: Instagram – Part 1 of the Web Identity Audit Series

I am doing a Web Identity Audit on my business. My core philosophy is that every business needs a consistent & compelling web presence as a home base.  They need an attractive & cohesive foundation to build upon before they even start with online, email and traditional marketing.  You must have a hub that gets […]


Email Marketing

How I Increased My Subscriber Rate by 10x Overnight – this has a couple tips I think could be useful for the average newsletter sender.


Networking Tips for the Introverted

I myself am incredibly introverted.  Would I generally rather spend time at home, all alone in sweatpants rather than be around people, even my best friends?  Guilty. (Do these 31 Unmistakable Signs That You’re an Introvert describe you too?) Being a small business owner means that we need to get our name/face out there in […]