Recent Reads – June 2016

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Tales From the Back Row – This is another one by a magazine editor – which you know I love.  She started her career blogging when blogging was pretty new.  So it’s kind of an interesting take on the path to working in fashion.

Styled – I’ve always wondered how my interior photos are so darn bare & lame compared to magazine pics.  Well, it’s not JUST the fact that those interiors are full of expensive & beautifully designed pieces.  It ALSO has to do with the fact that someone STYLED those rooms pre-photograph.  I will be doing my best to put this into practice as I write about my own home from now on.  It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

The Bitter Man’s Guide to Woman – Pretty funny.  Tips on how to “win” the breakp-up LOL.  Took me 6 minutes to read.  I don’t regret it.


’til Death – A hard-boiled tale about a Returns (that’s dead people) detective.  Pretty neat.  Kind of a cross between Deadbeat from Hulu & a Sam Spade parody.

Monsterland – This one was good. Who doesn’t love a good story about an dangerous theme park opening that spins out of control? I’m adding all this author’s books to my wishlist! Michael Phillip Cash.

Vader’s Little Princess – Cute, quick read.

Phoenix – A quickie Chuck Palahniuk.  It’s very Chuck – dark, grim, etc…  And now I’m getting excited again – I see more Palahniuk is out there I haven’t read yet! Egad!  Adding all to wishlist, will report back later 😉

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