You guys! I did a THING!

Long time no post!  I have been busy. This last year & a half brought:

  • a move to my own place (for the first time ever!)
  • acquiring the accounts of the business I used to work for
  • dating (ugh)
  • finalizing my divorce
  • a big server move & lots of smaller server updates
  • a weird health issue that caused an inability to stay awake for more than a 4 hour stretch (mostly cleared up now thank god)
  • falling in LURV
  • moving in with my guy
  • spending holidays with new people & traditions

I feel really content right now with my personal & my professional life. I’m thankful for all the clients I have been able to help this year & for their patience with my growing pains as my client list quadrupled over night.  Also, friends.  Mine are beyond amazing & I’m actually able to spend time with them all here & there finally. And my boyfriend obviously, who is just the best you guys!

In the midst of all that, my friends (and expert video production team) at Guerilla Media interviewed me for their Movers & Shakers feature.  I was scared shitless to be on camera but they made me look fit for human consumption.  Thanks Hope, Matt & Rueben!  Watch it below:

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