Tips on How to Fit Blogging Into Your Business Schedule

No matter what our business is we all should be blogging.  It adds useful content to our website, it’s great for SEO & it can also make you appear as an expert in your field.  But who has time right?  Well here are some guidelines to help you still be able to post on a regular basis.

The Best Practical Tips for the Part-Time Blogger

The title of the article above is “Practical Tips for the Part-Time Blogger”, but aren’t we all part-time bloggers?  Really our “real” business comes first and writing about it really is a secondary (or even further down the list depending on what is happening any given day).  But it is still important & with the tips above from IFB I think we can all fit a little in.

Beyond this you can set yourself up an editorial calendar.  I will talk about this next week.

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