Editorial Calendar for Your Business Blog

editorial-calendar1-300x218Just recently, I (finally) planned one for myself.  I keep it simple but strive to post to my blog at least twice a week.  I’m really hoping to live up to that in 2013 – to regularly put out helpful content for my clients.

Here is my calendar if you want to see how truly simple it can be:

Wednesday: Brainstorm for new post ideas
Thursday: Comment on blogs that I read
Friday: Engage on social media & launch Curated Post (This is a helpful link roundup which I try to post once a week.  Basically I just add links to the un-published post as I see things that I think will help (or entertain) my clients.  I tend to have plenty by Friday.)  This is practically a free post since it’s easy to collect interesting links as you come across them.
Saturday: Work on my own website & write the post I brainstormed on Wednesday
Sunday: Off from business stuff
Monday: Engage on social media
Tuesday: Launch post written on Saturday & promote on social media

I’m not going to lie, it can be time consuming but if you get into the routine of just completing one little to-do a day you can reap multiple rewards.

Pictured: my calendar so far this January.  It’s really been motivating to be able to check off the day once I’ve done my blogging to-do.


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