The Tiniest Tri

new-sneakers1I don’t know how it all started but on Friday I found myself talking to my boss about training for a triathlon.  A sprint tri to be exact.  She is a triathlete herself and is currently training for an Ironman that she will do on her 40th birthday.  She has only been “off the couch” for three years.  She’s pretty amazing.

Anyhow, she was telling me there is actually one in May right near here.  Also, on the day she does her Ironman there is the smallest tri I have ever heard of.  It’s a 400m swim, 1 mile walk and 3 mile bike ride.  How cute is that? A bite sized mini distance! I instantly said, “I can do that!” And when we were talking distances for the sprint tri I said the same thing.  With a little training I can totally do it.

I got some tips from her on how to start training & I was ready to go. Today was my first walk.  (Yes, I’m walking it. Because of the tendinitis in my foot runnung is not an option, at least not until I lose a substantial amount of weight.) The walk went very slow because I took my girl dog.  She was being way too inquisitive and just really taking too many sniff breaks.  I ended up having my husband come pick her up so I could finish faster.  It took us 45 minutes to go 1.15 miles for goodness sake!

So that is beginning of my training for a tiny tri (and a sprint tri). I’ll be updating once in a while about it, I am sure. Stay tuned!

*Photo is my new sneakers vs. my old.  It’s amazing how much the old ones have worn down.  Wearing one on each foot, I can really tell the difference.


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