An ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long!’ Update

I took a lot of time away from this blog lately.  I needed some distance as I was having issues with a few things that I had to work through (without sharing with the whole world LOL). Here is a quick update on what I’ve been up to:

  • Sick! Sometime during the beginning of August: I was sick.  I got up anyway to go to Minnows on Saturday 11th & realized once I hit the parking lot in my skates that I wasn’t up to it & slunk home and went back to bed.
  • Vacation! The next Saturday I missed Minnows to fly out to visit my friend Holly in Colorado.  She lives between Denver & Boulder.  We had an awesome & relaxing time.  I can’t even begin: we went to the Stanley Hotel for a ghost tour, did LoDo Bites – a food festival in Denver, ate out a lot, saw Boulder, toured the Red Rock Auditorium, went to Ikea for the first time (for me), hung out by the pool, shopped a lot, etc, etc…  So much fun!
  • Home but poor! My husband & I met back at the house within an hour of each other on Friday the 24th.  He was driving in from MI & I flew in from CO.  It was so good to get back home to our fur babies.  This was also when I realized how much we had spent on our respective outings & saw the need to buckle down on bills.  Boo.
  • Minnows! August the 25th was Minnows.  I remember feeling like I did OK for being gone & on vacation & not really working out much.  With the thin air in CO everything was a cardio workout for me though!
  • Sick again! Then the rest of August & the beginning of September I got sick – the husband brought me back that gift from his vacation.  Yuck-o.  I skipped a Thursday night make-up Minnows (August 30th) because I just felt too weak.  Then over the Labor Day weekend I lost my voice.  Ugh!
  • Arcadia Double Header! The Fort Myers Derby Girls hosted Tampa at an Arcadia stadium to benefit the Wounded Warriors charity.  I got to do Lineups for both games & was excited to be a part of such great experience.  It was a very cool venue & the two bouts were exciting. Oh, it was also a Minnows day & I ended up breaking my skate during it & trying to skate on my outdoor skates for the last half hour.  What broke was a screw that holds on my front wheels.  I got lucky & when I went to open skate on Tuesday the rink had one perfect screw & only charged me a quarter!
  • Minnows again! That is the second Minnows in a row I haven’t ended up with the debilitating headache I usually get.  However, what I was doing for the headache caused more problems: overheating, stomachache during practice – so I need to adjust some things again.  Another high point is that my shins haven’t been demanding as much warm up time – yay!  But I did fall & twist my ankle.  I heard a big pop but it was a piece of my skate popping out LOL & not any other sort of break.  We got the skate fixed & I finished up practice.  My ankle is now having issues moving to the left & right but other than that it seems OK.  I’m trying to rest it & see how it does – hoping to skate on Saturday.
  • Hard to find time/energy to write! I’ve been going through some depression thing plus the usual doubt with derby as well just regular ole “I wish I wasn’t in debt” nonsense & lots of stress at work (seems like it hasn’t stopped since I got back from vacation).  So, with all that & the sick on top of it I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed.  Bed is very comforting right now.  I know it will all pass but till them I’m just slogging away till I can get there.

So, in future – more post about derby.   I’ve got some portfolio posts to catch up on.  Also, will try to include photos from now on – I hate posts with no photos!



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