Fort Myers Derby Girls Featured Skater: Te Kill Ya Sunshyne, #314

Introducing Te Kill Ya Sunshyne:

Te Kill Ya attended the Ft Myers Derby Girls very first bout back in 2007. She knew right away it’s what she wanted to do. The next week, she joined the league. At the beginning of the 1st season, she broke her leg at practice, in dramatic fashion, after flying into the wall during a scrimmage. That was April of 2008. She spent the next 4 months in a wheel chair, then eventually crutches but still managed to work out and help support the team. Once her leg was healed she grew into one of the best players on the league, earning the MVP award for the 2010 season and The Best Blocking Duo and Team Spirit Awards for the 2011 season. She plays every position, and plays it well.

Her husband, Just Aaron, is a volunteer for the league, starting out as the Penalty Box timer and eventually becoming The Punisher’s Bench Coach. They have 2 kids, Patrick and Ashley.

Te Kill Ya leads the league in off skate workouts.

Recently, she collided with Little Debbie Smack Cakes and required stitches in the eye. And some believe that she has the nicest behind in roller derby. She’s little and hits you like a bullet, #3.14, Te Kill Ya Sunshyne.


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