Roller Derby Training – Minnows 3, Week 4

skatebag1-300x300Last Wednesday when I was at open skate my shins took 45 minutes to warm up.  Bad news.

Then came Saturday: I warmed up ahead of time as usual.  I thought I was good.  When I warmed up with everyone else I had to stretch once or twice.  Then right before we did our endurance laps my shins seized up.  So frustrating.  I still did the same amount of laps as last week – which makes me think if I hadn’t had the issue I would have been able to do more.  But that’s OK, I was hurting and I kept going anyway.  I trust my legs now to know what to do even when they’re hurting.  At the start of my training this wasn’t the case.

I thought that all my working out at home was paying off in stronger shins that needed less warming up.  I was wrong – I had that deep massage the week before I started this round of Minnows, and ever since I they have been getting tighter and tighter and taking longer to warm up.  Grrr…

I texted Adrienn at Movadria begging her to get me in.  Tuesday – can’t wait!  Yesterday and now, they are so tight that they are burning.  Can’t wait for some release!

At this point I have to give in & acknowledge losing weight might be what needs to happen, just like Adrienn has said from the start.  Apparently, it will take a lot of the pressure off the muscles used while skating – the little ones in the ankle.  I just feel so unready to commit to it.  In the meantime, until I can face counting calories, I am drinking less Diet Soda, adding fruit to my lunches, eating my Amy’s meals rather than going out for lunch and trying to stick to one snack at nighttime.

My feelings about weight loss are a whole ‘nother post, so I will check in later & fill you all in on that.

*Photo: New skate bag – $20 at TJMaxx.  My other one grew a hole in one end so I had to replace it.

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