Roller Derby Training – Minnows 3, Week 3

This week I had a lot of trouble with my tight shins/calves.  I warmed up as usual but they just weren’t cooperating.  I figure it could be either one of two things:

A. They might have tightened up since I last had a massuese work on them three weeks ago or

B. It was related to the fact that I did no cross-training last week.  Zero.

I’m hoping that the answer is B. mainly because regular massage is not in the budget right now (even though I love my sports massage chick Adrienn, owner of Movadria in Naples. Seriously, if you have any sport related issues seek her out.  She is amazing & super sweet.)

So this week I am back on schedule.  I slogged through a light treadmill session today just to get started again, back to a routine of doing something nearly every day.  Yoga is on the agenda for tomorrow. It helps with my tight shins/calves/hamstring so much.  However, if my shins are still tight next Minnows I may have to figure out how to fit a monthly massage session into the budget.

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