Roller Derby Training – Minnows 3, Week 2

workoutcloths1I had a good Saturday this week. It feels like everything is finally coming together.  I feel more comfortable on skates. I’m struggling less.  I’m more in control.  All of it is a product of working through my issues & just doing the same basics over and over as much as I can.  Plus putting time into working out on my own and eating better. Basically, not giving up seems to be paying off, finally. (If you’re a new reader, this is my third round of Minnows – it’s taken me almost a year to get here.)

It seems that when I experience a high like this though a low inevitably follows.

The rest of the weekend I went and had fun with my friends. Our friend Angie was in town from Texas so I fought off my after-Minnow headache all afternoon on Saturday & then went out to eat & to see Magic Mike with her, Jean & Chrissy.  On Sunday we did the boating thing.  I enjoyed my time with my friends but I am cursing my inability to re-apply sunscreen to myself.  I can’t be trusted!

I have a terrible sunburn on just my upper torso – back, shoulders, arms, chest – and it is excruciating.  I haven’t had a sunburn in years.  Years!  It’s made it impossible for me to do much – I’m just resting, urging it to heal.  I keep telling myself I will exercise “tomorrow” but when the time comes it just hurts too much to move.

I am definitely going skating tomorrow night on schedule.  This burn won’t stop me!

*Photo: the workout section of my closet.

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