Roller Derby Training – Minnows 3, Week 1

The third Minnows session has commenced for the FMDG.  (Minnows is/are what most leagues refer to as “fresh meat”.)

I feel really good about it.  I’ve been doing something most days of the week to improve cardio &/or strength.  I find that if I don’t I miss it.  Here is what I did this week:

  • Monday – Weight Watchers Punch It DVD (easy level) with weighted gloves (30 min)
  • Tuesday – bike trainer ride (20 min)
  • Wednesday – Fat Burning Yoga DVD (40 min)
  • Friday – Walk (30 min – kept my heart rate b/w 130-160)
  • Saturday – Minnows training (2 hours)

Obviously, the plan is to continue being active most days & increase intensity as I get stronger. Yes, it has taken me this long to get here – sometimes, as smart as I can be, it takes me a long time of beating my head against a wall before I finally wise up & do the thing that makes sense.  For some reason I can be VERY bone-headed.

Of the things we worked on in the first class, I need to work on T-stops the most.  I’m not applying enough pressure to make myself stop as quick as I need to.  (Other things I’m not great at yet are: skating backwards, crossing over backwards, changing direction at high speeds, stopping quickly at high speeds.  I will work on these at open skate, which I normally do on Wednesday nights.)

Oh, also my speed – it took me 5 min 33 sec to do 25 laps.  (You need to be able to do 25 in under 5 minutes & most derby players do it in quite a bit less I’ve heard.)  I may have counted a couple laps twice but still…  I have a ways to go before we test at the end.

I’ve also found an eating plan online that is heavy in protein, veggies, fruits & nuts and includes some carbs.  I shopped for that today and am committing to prepping meals ahead of time since there are a couple nights I am up at the rink so won’t be home to cook.

I plan to keep updating on my progress so stay tuned!


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