Fort Myers Derby Girls Featured Skater: Lil Debbie Smackcakes, #50

Introducing Little Debbie Smackcakes, #5-0:

Once upon a time a few years back, Debbie worked for a very demanding company and when she finally escaped their grasp, she needed something to do with all of her free time. After discovering knitting was not her thing, she came upon roller derby online, joined the Fort Myers Derby Girls in January of 2008, and played her first bout in 2009.

The Alexorcist dubbed her Little Debbie Smackcakes because, well, she’s Debbie, and she likes cakes.

Her number, 5-0, comes from her favorite symphony, Gustav Mahler’s fifth symphony.

Debbie’s husband is Matthew Medlock, a.k.a. Mattycakes. They have been together for ten years and married for three.

Companies such as Linen’s N Things and Coach have been lucky enough to have Debbie.

As for injuries, the list can be limited to; a torn meniscus, a sprained MCL, the infamous collision with Tekillya Sunshine which required 5 stitches to the eyebrow, but the best would have to be when she skated down a hill at Famous Tattoo’s Godsmack event, face first into the 99x van and had a serious blood clot that traveled down her entire leg and turned the whole thing black.

Her accomplishments are no short list either; earning best blocker in four individual bouts, Smelliest Pads in 2008 and 2010, Most Underrated 2009, Most Junk in the Trunk 2011 and Most Likely to go Postal in 2010… Whether she’s tossing out snack cakes or dishing out big hits, keep your eyes peeled for the unpredictably awesome Little Debbie Smackcakes, #5-0.

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