Fashion Experiment

I’m going to see if I can buy clothes* at only Target for a while.

I love my favorites TJMaxx & Marshalls and the high quality clothing you can often find there.  However, every time I go into one I take anywhere from an hour and a half on up to go through the *entire* store.  I just don’t have that kind of time anymore!  Side note: I’m also getting pickier about how I spend my money – so I end up walking out with next to nothing after 2 HOURS [on average].  Seriously, last visit to Marshalls got me a new yellow tank top (for derby) and a t-shirt & belt for my hubby.

Also when I was smaller I had a lot of choices there, but since I’ve put on weight – not so much – they have fewer large sizes every time I visit, it seems like.  So, here I come Target with your limited selection of styles & your (hopefully) full size range!

Another thing I’m trying to stay away from: looking at ONLY clearance.  I need to expand my search to (*gasp*) full price items to make it easier to find things I will like & wear for a long time (or till they wear out at least).

I will probably document this experiment on Instagram so stay tuned!

*Excludes shoes, bags, bras and workout wear

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