Anthrax Pants

I know this will come off as a little conspiracy theory-ish but I think my pants made me sick!

I was doing this sequence of outfits to post about – kind of like a capsule wardrobe bit.  It consisted of 6 pieces of clothing: jeans, striped top, black blazer, patterned skirt, dressy top, white tee.  I was going to switch a piece each day or layer them to make new outfits.

The first 3 days were jeans days.  So I wore my Calvin Klein skinny(ish) jeans the first day with the striped top & tucked into boots with a belt.  I looked like a wannabe cowgirl but that’s not the point (see Exhibit A).  The jeans ripped behind the left thigh that day.  Since it wasn’t anywhere offensive (or that would show up in photos) I figured I would complete my outfit sequence anyway.

Exhibit A:


BTW, this whole time I kept finding black dust under my fingernails and going “where the fuck is this coming from?”

So I woke up with a bit of sore throat the next day.  Put on my jeans & striped shirt again but with the blazer plus a belt & different shoes (See Exhibit B).  Sore throat got worse during the day.

Exhibit B:


On the way home I itched my leg & saw more black dust under my nail.  It was coming from the jeans!  I had been breathing in that shit for 2 days!  So, those suckers are getting tossed.

Blech.  I’m so pissed I don’t feel well.  Granted, it could just be that I happened to get sick at the same time but I do like a good conspiracy theory once in a while so – THE PANTS DID IT!

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