Derby Frustration

I pulled my hamstring about a week and a half ago.  I was having a rough morning at Minnows for some reason, I was tired and kept falling a lot.  My last fall was on the way through the obstacle course – I did a kind of step/jump over the bar and fell into a split.  Yep, I knew right away I was hurt.

I was scheduled to see my sports massage therapist that week so I had her work on it while I was in to see her.  I took her advice to stay off of it till it was all better.  I didn’t skate or work out at all that week.  Then I went to Minnows on Saturday morning to watch so even if I couldn’t practice the stuff I still wouldn’t miss anything.  I didn’t have my normal feeling of panic – “Oh my God, I’ll never catch up!” which was nice.  Afterwards I did the abs portion of the workout.  I wanted to do more.

I was really hoping that this week I could get back to regularly scheduled programming: bike ride, skating on Wednesday, some yoga and then Minnows on Saturday.  Well, after taking 10 minutes to decide I ended up leaving my gear at home today.  It makes me sick.  The panic is starting again – it’s been so long & my endurance sucks as it is.  I know that every day I am off skates & not working out my endurance is leaking away.  For most people, a week or two probably wouldn’t be the end of the world.  For me, it can be.

Granted, I could be doing more, even if it’s not my normal routine stuff – therapist said to work out in the pool (the weather is cooling down around here & I’m not excited about getting in the water) or I could at least do abs or arms.  I just feel so unmotivated when it’s like this.  So, yes, I’m wallowing.  It’s my own fault & it’s the same downward spiral each time – you’d think I could prevent it, I’ve been through it enough times.

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