Quickie Update

I have been out of it for a while & here is the quick sum up of what I’ve been up to:

I spent a week off my foot with the cast.  Got that taken off on a  Tuesday.

I had the opportunity to skate a Wednesday & Thursday & passed up on it (stupid!).

Thursday I went to the dermatologist & she clipped off a bunch of gross moles.  I got home & realized the one I actually went in for got missed!  Argh.

Friday I went to the dentist because one of my teeth was killing me.  Impromptu tooth pulling ensued.  Worked all day on just aspirin & got to take pain killers when I got home – yay!

Spent Saturday & Sunday in a Vicodin induced blur, on the couch.

Back to work on Monday – still taking pain killers at night because it still hurts.

Tuesday – finally got to ride my bike – felt awesome!

Wednesday – discover bone sticking out of my gums.  Call the dentist – it’s totally normal & the gum will grow over it in a couple weeks.  Also got a call that a couple of the moles were abnormal, not cancerous just weird.  Make an appointment for a month & 1/2 from now.

Also Wednesday – got to skate again!!!  At first I was like, this is so hard, why is this hard?, etc…  By the end it was making me happy again.

Thursday – I am flying to Virginia tonight & chilling with a friend I haven’t seen in 3 years – it’s been way too long!  And then we take the train to DC on Saturday.  Planes, trains & automobiles!  I am sure I’ll have lots of awesome photos to share soon!

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